5 Signs You Are a Drama Addict and How to Let It Go

Whether you like it or not, do you feel the need to add some drama or pizzazz to your life? Do you know that you’ll probably regret doing whatever it is but you go ahead and do it anyway? You just might be addicted to the spotlight and that’s not always a good thing.


When you meet someone and they don’t contact you after the first couple of dates, you go full-on stalker mode on all their social media platforms. It almost becomes a maniac-like obsession after a point, and the only person you’re hurting is yourself. Letting go of this habit isn’t easy but get a good friend to help you. Get them to check in on you whenever you feel the urge to stalk that person and confess to them if you do. Keep in mind that you deserve a person who truly cares for you.

Holding On

What is done is done and there’s nothing you can do about your past. Life is short, so you need to live in the moment and keep yourself pointed towards the future. Running through incidents from your past over and over again is a futile and pointless exercise. Own up to your mistakes, set things right where you can, and move on.

Perpetual Whining

When you keep finding reasons to complain about your life, you’ll never find reasons to be happy. Rather than grousing all the time and pulling other people down with you, think about all the good things you have going on that you are grateful for. Try journaling about the little things that made you happy. After a couple of weeks, you’ll definitely notice that you’re feeling lighter and happier.

Thriving On Trouble

We all want to know about the latest events in other people’s lives, but there are some who only share information meant to undermine others. They’ll tell you everything that was told to them in secrecy. You can be sure that they’re spilling the beans about you behind your back as well. Sometimes it is not easy to keep things to yourself but figure out who you can trust and exclusively talk to them about private matters. Otherwise, you might end up losing friends faster than you can make them.

Nobody Gets Me!

Most people with a flair for drama will keep talking about how unique they are and how nobody understands what they’re going through. We are different people with different experiences and all we can do is offer sympathy and support. If you have a friend like this, tell them that even if you don’t totally ‘get’ what they’re going through, they should look at the bright side. Get them to talk about all the good things in their life like their partner, pets, promotion at work, and more. Show them the beautiful things in their life so that their focus shifts from the negative to the positive.

Not all drama is bad, but once it gets to the point where it starts affecting your relationships, you are in trouble. But this isn’t an incurable affliction and with a little help from your friends, everything will be alright!

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