5 Signs You Are Totally Made for Each Other

People come in relationships at various points in their life. The relationship might be a happy one, lasting forever, or it might be a short lived one, one that would leave memories behind. It could be ascertained that relationships are matches made in heaven.

But how far along can we prove why some people are better off with some people, and why some people aren’t. To explain simply, it means that if you are with someone, there must be a reason why you are. You could be neck deep in love, with no other thoughts pertaining your mind, but there has to be a reason why you are in love.

Usually, the following reasons come into play:

Vulnerability Has No Shame

When you are with someone you love, you need not be ashamed of expressing things that could hurt your own self. You aren’t ashamed of showing that things made you vulnerable. If you are afraid of a spider in a room, you would happily and somewhat scaredly call your partner, not thinking about what he might think. You don’t care about his/her judgement about you, for you know that they are yours.

Mutual Respect

You are two individuals who have a lot of respect for each other. Apart from the love that blossoms between you, there is a healthy amount of respect, and admiration for the other person, for who they are. You don’t degrade, or diminish their capabilities, just because your opinions don’t match. There could also be a healthy rivalry between you that stems from respect, and never harms your relationship. You both know each other, and know the other person too.

Jealousy Is A Snake

Jealousy doesn’t rear its ugly head between you and your partner. You trust that person completely, and know that they are capable and informed enough to make correct decisions that won’t jeopardise your relationship. Both of you know what angers and frightens the other, and you have had lengthy chats about it with each other, and now, have no reason to be jealous.

Happiness And Joy

It is a true fact, that life isn’t just sunshine and daisies, but also, landmines and grenades. Regardless of this harsh truth, your relationship feels like a task, that you are willing to do, even if it seems hard in the beginning. Your relationship makes you considerably happier than when you weren’t in one. They make you smile, and you are grateful to them for that.


Relationship is about two people trying to smile at each other at the end of the day. When you are with someone, you would always try to be happy, and joyous, and that can only be done, when your partner motivates you everyday to be better, for you can do it. Similarly, you try to encourage your partner to be the very best there is, and also console them, when they fall short of that mark.

To conclude, it wouldn’t be amiss to say that relationships aren’t a piece of cake. But when you know that someone makes you happy, and that you feel safe in their arms at the end of the day, you know that they are the one. You are meant to be together.

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