This Is Why Sagittarians Make The Best Friends Ever

Quite a few of the zodiac signs make for amazing friends. But none of them can match up to how good a friend Sagittarius can be.

At first glance, you might think that a Sagittarius is a quiet person, but that is simply not true. When a Sagittarius trusts you and is able to confide in you they will let their guard down and show you their witty and rather dry sense of humor.

The greatest quality of a Sagittarius is their willingness to stand by you. They will be right there for you, ready to fight your battles on your behalf when you feel like giving up. When you fall, it is a Sagittarius that will take up the initiative to act as tough as it requires to help you pick up your pieces again. The secret that they hide under the guise of their “tough love” is a heart that bleeds for you when you are in trouble.

A Sagittarius as a best friend can be a bit of an enabler. They are sneaky and playful and quite the professional at not taking themselves seriously, so they want you to be the same. They will encourage you to do silly things to laugh at you. This is of course, not because they many any ill, but because they just want you to have fun with them.

Sagittarius usually takes time to warm up to a person, but this is usually because they are trying to protect themselves. A Sagittarius, once invested you will go to the ends of the earth for you, so before that make that commitment, they take their finding out all about you.

Sagittarius are extreme realists, ad come often come across as cynical and pessimistic. Their realism can be quite hard to swallow at time, but even though they can blunt and tactless, their realistic world view will help you come back to earth. They can keep you grounded and act as a reminder to always do your research instead if jumping headfirst into things.

When you are having a bad day, the calmness of a Sagittarius and their commitment to your wellbeing acts as reminder to take a step back and relax. They knew that everything that happens has a reason and that it is all part of a universal plan, and they will not hesitate to tell you the same. Even when you do not feel like hearing the generic “it is going to be okay” a Sagittarius best friend will break it down logically and show you how everything is bound to be okay in the end. Sagittarius are great listeners and even better friends, so they will listen to you talking about all the things that are on your mind, without once interrupting you, and then help you plan your next course of action.

Sagittarius are incredibly devoted to the people they care about and are also funny and strong. If you are lucky enough to ever find a Sagittarius best friend, be sure to never let them go.

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