5 Things Your Girlfriend Wants, But Will Never Ask For

We women know that guys are not that great at taking hints. And when it comes to things that are troubling us, it is better to tell them straight away rather than waiting for them to figure it out on their own. And trust me, as much as people like to say that women are a mystery and so on, it is not very close to reality. We want to keep the important things out on the table as much as you.

However, there are a few little things we won’t ask of you straight away. These are obviously not a make or break in a relationship (if they were, we would have said it out loud). But think of them as added perks. We don’t need you to do the following things to be happy, but if someone takes the effort to do so, well that just makes our day. So men, here are 5 things your girlfriend would never ask you to do, but appreciate it if you would:

1.She would like it very much if one of your habits is to touch her unconsciously. Light grazes and wandering fingers, while you two are watching a movie together or just spending a lazy Sunday on the couch each reading their favorite books. And this shouldn’t be aimed at reaping some benefits in the next few moments. Rather it should be your body’s natural reflex when you are anywhere near her.

2.Surprises are always welcome. They are just a representation of how much she means to you and how much effort you want to put into making her happy. And don’t worry you don’t have to sweat your pockets for this. Small gestures, little gifts that hold relevance for just the two of you are better options than any grand gesture which money can buy.

3.Just loving her is not enough, sometimes you need to remind her just how much. When she is having a bad day or is frustrated from complications at work, just hold her close and whisper that you love her. Don’t be stingy with your expression of love. You might not realize this, but it means the world to her when she hears these three words from you. Sometimes they are enough to give her the strength to carry on when she is ready to give up.

4.One thing that she will never ask outright is for you to show your love in front of your friends. But it is so common for guys to complain about their relationships with their friends, how their girlfriends give them a hard time, etc. that she can’t help but wonder if that is how you feel as well. If you love her, in front of your friends, be it small pecks on the cheek or other little gestures of love, at least she would be secure in the knowledge that you are not afraid of your friends to know what she means to you.

5.In this world of texts and emails, she wants you to put the effort into writing a letter. When you do little things for her which show that you notice and care, they say a million times more how much you love her than some random gifts and chocolates. You might love her all you want, but it’s time that you start showing it to her as well.

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