5 Types of Tummies and How to Get Rid of Them

We all want to have a flat and toned stomach. However, getting your body into shape requires a lot of effort. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, working out regularly and be physically active are the first steps to have the tummy of your dreams. Still, there are different types of tummies, and depending on the causes of their appearance, you should find a way to get rid of the excess fat.

Here are 5 certain types of tummies and how to get rid of them:
1. Alcohol belly

Drinking too much alcohol drinks can prevent your body from digesting the food properly. Also, alcoholic beverages are high in calories, so if you want to get rid of alcohol belly you should only drink alcohol in moderation and start eating more vegetables and fruit.

2. Mommy belly

To get rid of the post-baby belly, it is good to start exercising and massaging the problematic area. Consult your doctor before starting with any diet.

3. Stressed-out belly

Extreme stress and poor sleeping can affect your body and lead to appearing of stomach fat or bloating.  Try to relax, sleep at last 8 hours a day and avoid eating junk foods. You should also stop consuming too much caffeine drinks.

4. Hormonal belly

Hormonal disbalance can lead to fat gaining around your stomach area. Change your diet, eat healthy foods and consult a doctor if you experience this kind of problem.

5. Bloated belly

Bloating is a common problem for appearing a big tummy. Problems in your digestive tract can also cause bloated belly. Drink plenty of water and take probiotics.

2 comments on “5 Types of Tummies and How to Get Rid of Them”

  1. Billie Edwards says:

    I am 65 and have never had a weight problem until the last 8 years..Started just before we moved up here..I have Parkinson’s Disease and have had it for 25 years so am happy just to be getting around but now i am unable to even walk very far without shuffling my feet from exhaustion. My belly has caused back aches and I have a terrible time getting to sleep because of restless legs and pain in my groan area. Don’t know who to go see..i go see the Parkinson’s doc and he says see my regular
    doc and he says it could be related to Parkinson’s Disease???? I am in a mess. My posture is a mess and I have a back brace for whenever I go outside..I have taken to falling asleep on my feet and falling down.I ran head long into the solid wood door last week and it was very painful and an eye opener since the door i hit was at the opening to 13 steps…I know this has a lot to do with hormones but down here it is hard to find a gynocologist at all..Much less one that is concerned with hormones…Stress in my life is supposed to be less a this age..buttttt mine has multiplied. My youngest son was murdered here in Park Hills Mo in 2013 and it was supposed to have been a murder suicide but myself and 127 other do not believe it happened that way and the police department in this small town covered up the double murder..My stress does not just come from that but from living with a person that is 72 and can’t hear much at all. He has been g ood to me in the past but since we have lived here it has become a mental abusive relationship. I know part of it is he is worried about me but he locks the doors behind me and it makes me feel like I am in prison. Now can you help fix me????

  2. Chris Knoblaugh says:

    There is another type, and I have it. It is post-surgical belly where the mesh has failed with multiple hernias that cannot be surgically repaired. After five separate major abdominal surgeries for different causes over 20 years, I have no “abs” per se. I am restricted to lifting just ten pounds for the rest of my life, and the only exercise I am permitted is walking.

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