6 Reasons Why Empaths Freeze Around Fake People

Empaths are the purest and most spiritual of all people, and most of all their spirituality is organic, part of their physical existence. That is, they do not have to work at honing it.

They are highly gifted and sensitive people who are seen as the typical wallflowers of our times: they have one superpower too. They have the ability to sense the emotional pains and upheavals of others to such an extent that they can feel the pain in their own bones.

This makes them highly susceptible to pain, fatigue and emotional trauma. They are often betrayed and hurt and hence prefer the fringes to any kind of social contact. But at the same time, they will pounce at the first opportunity to help others and make them feel better even if it makes them tired and hurt.

It is just their nature.

Something else they can perceive is someone being fake. This is something that triggers them pretty hard, given the fact that they thrive on healing and spiritual energies. Fake-ness or non-genuineness is something they cannot stand.

As a result they start exhibiting symptoms that are very similar to panic symptoms: a faster heart rate, “palms are sweaty, knees weak” etc.

People adopt fake personas to get attention, but inside it stems for the need for healing. And that is exactly what empaths are here to do. Only with the case of fake people it is like a constant reminder that they have a lot of work to do. With that might come the feeling of inadequacy, of not doing enough.

So let us look at some of the things that make empaths recognise fake people and triggers their panic symptoms:

1. People being absolute spineless pushovers, doing what others tell them to, just to be liked.

2. A person who acts all nice and friendly with people he/she hates, just to not be ostracised.

3. Someone with a tough exterior but a hurt interior thanks to a broken home.

4. A person who goes against everything their core personality stands for.

5. A flatterer.

6. A person who adopts the method of embellished stories in order to get people to feel obligated to talk to them at social gatherings.

If you are empath, you might be triggered when you see these people. This is the way you will react in all probability:

1. You will straight up avoid them, because you feel uncomfortable.

2. You start losing your train your thought and your speech becomes slurred.

3. You feel comfortable and fine as soon as you are not in their company.

4. Feeling an urge to puke literally after having spent some time with them.

5. Wanting to escape because you do not want to jeopardize your relationship with them.

Despite not meaning any harm to others, fake people pose a threat to empaths. This is because these people thrive on being able to sense others’ innermost sorrows. With these fakers, it’s just too much to take.

If you are an empath, learn to say no. Empaths are too good for most of their company, even at the cost of their own wellness.

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