8 Safety Tips for Driving Around Large Trucks or Buses

It can be nerve-wracking to drive around trucks, buses, and other large commercial vehicles. They are not like the car you are likely driving, so it is important to keep a few things in mind while sharing the road with trucks and buses. Here are some tips to help you drive safely around larger trucks and buses.

Safety Tips for Driving around Large Trucks or Buses

Be Aware of Blind Spots

The biggest thing to remember about large trucks is that they have large blind spots. These blind posts are directly in front of the truck, 30 feet behind the truck, and directly to the right and left of the truck. On the passenger side, blind spots are larger.

Essentially, if you cannot see the driver in the truck’s mirrors, you must assume that they can’t see you. Avoid lingering in these spots and make sure to be aware of where you might be hidden.

Do Not Tailgate

Even though many people believe there are benefits to driving directly behind a truck, you mustn’t tailgate them. There are several reasons why this is a bad idea, including the fact that the truck cannot see you. The first 30 feet behind the truck is a blind spot, but you should give them even more room than this.

It is also important to cite how much larger a semi-truck may be than your car. You run the risk of running directly into the trailer or being pushed up under it if there is a wreck, which can be deadly. Give the truck plenty of room and you should be fine.

Pass Quickly and Safely

While this tip could go for all instances of passing, it is extremely important to remember that a truck’s blind spots, potential drifting due to wind, and other factors while passing. When you need to pass a truck, pass quickly. Do not linger in their blind spot. If this means speeding up, it is safer to be going a little faster than be stuck in a blind spot if a truck needs to come over.

Keep an eye out and do not cut too close to the front of the truck when you merge back into their lane.

Avoid Cutting Them Off

When passing a truck or merging into their lane, avoid cutting them off. Trucks take a long time to fully stop, so make sure that you are giving the truck plenty of time to slow down if it needs to. If you cut too closely and reduce speed, you run the risk of the truck running you over, so be cautious. Give trucks plenty of room.

Anticipate Wide Turns

Trucks need to make wide turns. No matter where you are relative to a large truck during a turn, you need to pay attention and give them a wide berth. Trucks often need two lanes or more to properly swing the cab and trailer. Make sure to get out of the way so they can safely make their turn.

Watch for Lights

Trucks use their lights to communicate with other drivers, so make sure that you are paying attention to their lights. If they are flashing, they might just be trying to get your attention. Otherwise, they might be traveling too slowly and inviting you to pass. Otherwise, keep an eye on the road and make sure to keep their lights in mind.

Pay Attention to Drifting

Long-haul truck drivers are on the road for a long time and may start to drift due to fatigue or other factors. Even for an awake and alert driver, wind may be pushing their trailer around the road. This is completely out of their control.

All you have to do is pay attention. If you see a truck that is drifting across lanes or over onto the shoulder, be cautious and avoid tailgating or passing.

Be Patient

Finally, be patient. Trucks are large and difficult to maneuver, and chances are the driver has been on the road a while. Drive patiently and treat trucks with the respect and care they deserve.


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