9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Taking Cold Showers

Taking cold shower has long been known to have many surprising health benefits. It may sound weird, but having cold baths can actually improve your health and well-being.

Here are the 9 health benefits of taking cold shower:

1. Increase alertness

Taking cold shower is a great way to wake up quickly in the morning. It increases your alertness and boosts your energy.  You’ll have more energy and feel more alert throughout the day.

2. Improves your skin and hair

Taking cold showers enhances circulation and makes your skin shiny, while reducing the puffiness. It can also reduce the skin itching and inflammation. Cold shower improves your hair, too. So, jump in the cold shower and you’ll notice a difference in how your skin feels in a minute.

3. Improves blood circulation

The cold water improves blood circulation. Having a cold shower improves the blood flow to your internal organs and speed up their recovery. It also boosts your immunity.

4. Promotes weight loss

Cold showers are great for weight loss. The cold temperature stimulates the growth of the brown fat cells. Brown fat cells are our healthy fat cells and they are thermogenic. When they are introduced to a cold stimulus such as cold water our body needs to warm up, and they start to rev up and produce heat. This in turn, starts our metabolism and promotes weight loss.

5. Relieves muscle pain

Taking cold baths has been shown to relieve muscle soreness while also reducing the time of recovery. This method is mostly used in the sport medicine.

6. Reduces depression

Having cold shower stimulates special spots in your brain that activate a hormone that reduces depression.

7. Decreases uric acid levels

It’s proven that cold showers decrease uric acid levels. When uric acid builds up this is what causes gout.If you’ve got gout you should definitely start taking cold shower to decrease your uric acid levels without you having any medications.

8. Improves sleep

If you are having some sleep problems, then you should definitely start taking cold showers before going to bed.  The cold temperature prepares your body for a more peaceful sleep.

9. Increases white blood cells

Taking cold showers increase the amount of white blood cells in your body. The increased white blood cells improve your immunity and make your body fight to viruses and bacteria more easily.

Note: Don’t take cold showers if you have heart problems, if you are pregnant or suffer from adrenal fatigue.

2 comments on “9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Taking Cold Showers”

  1. DABradish says:

    Well, now I have another reason for not replacing my 20+ year old water heater!!!
    I broke an old hot water pipe a couple months ago under my bathroom sink. Money was tight after retiring & I suffer from RTIS (Round To It Syndrome)!!!

  2. Jeff says:

    Thank god I live in place with fresh and cold water, and my grandparent said it make your bone be stronger

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