If You Like Being Alone Then You Probably Have These 6 Personality Traits

Do you adore those moments when you are finally alone and you’re going to spend your time in peace, when you just shut down from the world outside to be completely with yourself and what you love, just to be free from the chaos, noises, people around you? Do you feel like you need to have moments for yourself, so you can recharge your energy in order to connect with the world again? We made a list of 6 key traits that you as a lone wolf might have, and you might be interested in reading them.

1. You are very particular about boundaries

Boundaries are a great way to keep a nice distance between you and the others. You know when to stop when you feel like you’re crossing the boundaries between you and a person, and you also indicate that people too should know where is the line. You are also aware of psychological boundaries, and this means that you will reveal only that amount of information that the other person needs to know, without getting someone out of the comfort zone or intrude other’s privacy.

2. You value time, and not just your own

You have created an order out of the chaos and you want other people to respect that. When you have free time to connect with people, or do things that you’re required to do, you have planned your time. You know what privacy means and you want people to respect your private time, because you know how to respect others’ private time too. You like to maintain a healthy distance between you and the people that you’re surrounded with.  It’s not considered as an arrogant thing to do, but more of a healthy way for you to stay in charge with yourself, and for people to pay more respect towards you and to never take advantage of.

3. You are comfortable with your thoughts

People who like to spend their time alone usually spend it with their own thoughts. They like to think over ideas, rethink them, even overthink situations that might happen, never happened or happened long time ago, it’s a lot of menthes gymnastics if we see it that way. The more you’re getting comfortable with your own thought, the more ways you’ll find out to be comfortable with your mind and self, and when you’re surrounded with people you are free to share your thoughts and opinion over the matters you discuss.

4. You are calm and composed

It’s mainly because you understand your mind, your thoughts, and your emotions. Everything that came ahead of you have thought about it, analyzed it, if it’s a problem you find numerous ways to solve it. When people spend time with themselves, they try to find themselves as best as they can. You spent enough time understanding your impulses so you are fully aware that understanding as a concept is very important, especially if you’re dealing with something serious. Once you are close to your true self, you’ll feel more calm and composed.

5. You are loyal

In the world we live in now, loyalty is a true and rare gift. People that spend their time alone have a small and close group of friends that are very loyal to them. They are very aware of the time they’re spending, and they want to spend time with people that make them truly happy and not with people who are feeling like they’re wasting their precious time. The people they let into their lives mean a lot for them, and they cherish them and appreciate them every second of their friendship.

6. You are addicted to solitude

Last but not least, you adore spending your time alone and there’s no way that you could ever imagine yourself being that occupied with something or someone and ending up nothing left for your free time. You have created a world of your own and you love to be as much as in it, and you don’t let anyone in that world except yourself only. As a matter of fact it’s sort of addiction, you have learned to love your isolation, you have found yourself there and you feel complete. Finding inner peace and love with yourself and the time you’re spending it’s a beautiful thing, and you don’t want to lose that ever, in your life. Most important thing, you are your own best friend, and that’s what matters.

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  1. Donna Smith says:

    Yes, it’s called living in your own peace because you love yourself most and trust in the holy spirit that gives the peace when you are alone. I truly believe in what God has given me…………

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