Cutting Etheric Cords: A Ritual You Need to Know

It’s strange how we can say about some people how much we are connected with, or others how much they have impact on us. People that are connected with us (or vise versa) have a lot of impact and can control our emotions, or we also control theirs as well. This unseen, subtle bond of connection between the people is called the Etheric Cord.



This etheric cord can be seen if you are romantically involved with someone. When we are involved with someone, we stimulate an energy cord with that person, and as the cord grows stronger we share emotions, feelings, thoughts with that person.

Spiritual author Doreen Virtue describes this Etheric cord as a hose that connects two people and through which the energy flows to and from between them.

There are times that we can feel our partner what is going through, even if maybe that day we haven’t called him or talked to him. This etheric cords gives us high-frequency communication and gives us insight of the connected one, it’s more like an impulse or a message. We often think of this as telepathy.

This is a beautiful thing when it comes to our loved ones, but what if we share this cord with a person who we don’t like that much? What should we do then?

When we are connected with someone we hate (or we just don’t like them) the energy is drained out and we feel like we have been controlled and watched. Which doesn’t happen with the person we love, when we love someone, the energy is balanced, and we have an energetic and vibrant source exchange. This is what’s different between healthy and unhealthy etheric cords.

The truth is, that we create bonds with people who we are emotionally “feeling them”, so either is that a person we love and feel, hate and dislike for a person is also a feel so a connection has been created. The bad thing about the second one is that we feel that our thoughts are being manipulated, we can feel scared or become obsessive about the person, which is not good.

How to Cut The Cord?

There is no way you’ll feel pleasant if someone else is trying to manipulate your mind, your emotions, imply fear into you, or even just accessing your energy field. So what do we do?  This is the time when we have to break that cord and be released from the negative patterns, and to save our love and energy for the people that we care about and ourselves.


Cutting the cord is beneficial because it releases the negative energy around you and brings in positive opportunities. You will feel re-energized, a sense of peace will prevail, and you’ll be free from the pressure that has been put onto you.

Follow the below mentioned steps to successfully accomplish the ritual of cord cutting:

1.To start off, find a place where you can stay alone for some time without any kind of disturbances (TV, phone, wifi, cables and computers, people, sounds).

2.Now, try to relax by taking deep and even breaths.

3.When you are completely relaxed, close your eyes. Now, recall your angel or spirit guides who can help you in the process.

4.Once you feel the presence of your angel guide, start reciting the below mentioned mantra:

“Dear Angel Guides, I am asking for your help to heal me and let go of any negative energy that is holding me back, by cutting the etheric cords. All the cords that are attached to me are not allied with positive energy, love, and light, so I ask you to release these cords. Once they are released, surround me with positive and healing light that will protect me from negative attachments in the future. Thank You.”

5.Close your eyes to visualize the cords being released and in case you still find the strings attached, then repeat the mantra again and again until you are free from all the negative energy.

You can follow the ritual straight from your heart and there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

Once you are done with the ritual, smear the surroundings and take a bath with warm water. Now have plenty of liquid (preferably water) and relax in a cozy and serene surrounding. Repeat if needed.

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