If He Doesn’t Do These 9 Things, He’s Not Your Forever Person

Soulmates are a thing. There are people tailor made for someone else. The notion of having someone perfect should be re-phrased: there is someone perfect for you. There are some subtle indications that soulmates give to give themselves away: if your better half exhibits these signs, be certain that they are the one. We here have tried to simplistically put what makes a forever person a forever person, irrespective of whose they are.

There are certain things they say/do which let you know that they are the one. So watch out for these signs.

1. He doesn’t put on a mask in front of you

When in love, people learn to live with someone’s good and someone’s bad sides. There cannot be pretence when it comes to you two. Both of you are your authentic selves in front your selves; be it inside jokes or even your own weird eccentricities. He is always absolutely himself in front of you, honestly and truly, madly, deeply.

2. He is the bed rock you fall back upon

When things go totally wrong and the day doesn’t even seem to end, you will despair like every other person in the world. What you don’t share with the others however, is the fact that you do have someone to lean on. He is your bedrock, the last stop to your train and the soft bed you come home to after the longest and saddest of days.

3. Has a future with you in mind

If he is the one, you will see him say a lot of things that begin with “Once we start living together”/ “Once we get married”. It is like his entire existence pivots around envisioning a life around you and with you. Unless it’s with you, his existence is incomplete and will never be the same, not to mention never as good.

4. Tries to be liked by your peers

He makes a conscious effort to be liked by your social circle. This is something most men don’t even think about because they are never really into someone that much, that often. If you see him helping out your friends and family consciously, you can be pretty sure that he is going out of his way, fighting his deepest habits to be there for your social circle.

5. Embarrasses himself to make you laugh

Again, we have all heard of the proverbial male ego. It is fragile, it breaks at the first touch. When you see him being silly when you are down, just to see you smile, it is a big sign. Au contraire, if he doesn’t, you might want to think about the relationship and where it is going more seriously.

6. His honesty is scathing but comes with a hug just afterwards

He doesn’t pretend to please you with flattery and by agreeing with whatever you do. Instead he expresses his opinion about what you do openly and gives you constructive feedback. That constructive feedback is the thing that will make you better at what you do, personally and professionally.

7. Respects your decisions

Ideally speaking, he is respectful to you in all quarters of life. He respects your boundaries, personal space and also your decisions in life. If he thinks something is not exactly right for you, he makes sure to tell you, respectfully, with adequate reason besides “because I said so.”

8. Integrates you in his own peer group

You know his friends and have often spent time with them. You might even make an odd friend among his.

9. Listens

Men are never good listeners in general. It’s just the way they are. When you find your better half listening to what you have to say carefully and actually replying relevantly, yes, he is the one.

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