Plant Your Own Magical Moon Garden With Flowers That Bloom At Night

The fact that flowers and certain plants can bloom at night is unknown to a lot of people. A moon garden is a good way to develop a deeper relationship with nature and to fill up your mornings with a beautiful fragrance that will help your peace of mind and will provide a better environment for you to plan your day and carry out your morning activities better.

When there are these plants in your house, their aromas would even help your sleep at night. What adds to their charm is the white colour, which makes them exude a beautiful glow under the moonlight that will calm you after a long day of work.

To take the moon theme up by a notch, plant your trees in a semi circle, so that when the crescent moon comes up, you will find a moon inside your home too. Find the plants that open in the dark and add foliage that is silver and blooms during the day to make it look even more beautiful.

Night blooming plants

Moonflower– The name itself suggests that this is a nigh blooming plant. The flower opens up at night, and fills the surroundings with a bit of a lemony scent and these flowers are completely shut off during the day. Some kinds of this climber plant get as long as 8 feet and the flowers opened in their full glory are 5”-6” in diameter.

Evening Primrose– These are pale pink in color and when they bloom, you guessed it, in the evening; they release a sweet smell that will fill up your senses.

Night Phlox– These little lovelies open up at the moment the dusk begins to set in and smell like vanilla.

Evening Stock– Don’t get these for their colour or their beauty, get these for their sweet, strong smell that will rejuvenate your sinuses and make you feel fresh.

Angel’s Trumpet– These vines are out of control when they spread and are an absolute treat to the eyes. These are shaped like trumpets and are white in color.

Night Gladiolus– These don’t open at night but smell the strongest at night.

Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus– These flowers do not last very long, a couple days at most, but they are beautiful and would be a great addition to your moon garden. These beauties are also called Queen of the Night.

Four o’ Clock– These flowers are named thusly owing to their blooming at 4 and then closing when morning approaches. These bell shaped flowers come in a range of hues- blue, pink, yellow and so on.

Casablanca Lily– These hybrids of Oriental lilies are beautiful, big and have the sweetest smell.

Night Bloom Water Lily– This is one of the most beautiful flowers in existence. They are brilliantly coloured and big. They are summer bloomers and open at dusk.

Night Blooming Jessamine– These are green flowers that smell heavenly.

Day Blooming White and Silver Plants

Dusty Millers

Silver Thyme

Lamb’s Ears




Things to do with your plants

Once you are done with the hard part, which is planting these plants, use them to make charms, decorate your home or have a war, purifying bath.

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