Here’s How the Color of Clothes You Wear Can Reveal Your Personality

This is something that fashion designers can attest to. We wear colors that we think define us; colors that would showcase the best of us. And while some may think it to be a marketing gimmick, it is actually true. We wear only those colors that we vibe with. Some might be cheery and jovial for which they wear bright colors. Some might be serene, so they wear lighter shades. While some may be moody, and broody, they wear colors that are considerably darker.

Regardless of that, we wear what we think would look best on us. Now, if that is something that we don’t usually wear and yet manage to look good, maybe it is time that we understand who we really are.

Here are what most colors tell us about our personality


Black is considered to be one of those colors that bring out the mystery in you. It also shows everyone how strong you are, the level of sophistication that you have, and the iron-clad will that you possess. Also, it makes you really sexy.


Usually designed to show someone who is very witty and has a quirky sense of humor. Also, it highlights someone’s need to be acquainted with the truth and not be hindered by anything in its path. Researches have shown that people wearing blue are really creative in their own little, nifty way.


The color of authenticity, Brown is worn by people who are simple in their outlook towards life. They are intelligent, frighteningly so, and have a well-balanced mind. They know what they want, and all they want is a simple life. They are also grounded in nature.


The universal symbol for the laidback, too much of it can actually mean a despondency towards life in general. But, this color also can be used to calm everyone around you down, and this generally signifies that the person is social by nature.


Shows someone who has a lot of charisma for the world. The color also emphasizes the need for a cool head. To add to that, people wearing green are normally more caring and attentive towards people in general, because they believe in maintaining good relations with everyone.


Almost similar to green and brown, Orange highlights someone who has this urge to meet new people, get to know them, and have friends. They believe in being a social butterfly and have a bubbly persona.


A controversial color for men, owing to some toxic masculinity. But, pink shows an appreciation for validation, and while that may be putting off some men, many do wear it to show that they are in complete balance between their masculine and feminine side.


Forever associated with royalty, Purple can also signal that one is creative and attuned to the arts. Also, people wearing purple turn out to be magnificent creatures with a wide-varying knowledge.


This color has always been considered to be bringing forth raw sexuality to the forefront. Precisely why so many articles and blogs on the net would tell you to wear red if you are going on a date. The color red is bold and forward. Something potential lovers might find attractive.


White is the symbol of purity. Innocence, wisdom, a clear mind, and attuned towards the spiritual energies, white, on a completely physical note can make one look more defined than they are. White, also serves to look really good for the cameras, in case you were hesitating. But, one reason people always choose white is that, apart from being completely classy, it shows you as someone who is confident.


This is for all those people who need some positivity in their lives. Yellow also can bring good luck for people, which is why people wear it to exams and other locations, where we need it. It also is an energy booster which would naturally boost your mood too.

The basic thing while choosing any color is not planning before. The vital thing is the element of complete unpreparedness. If you aren’t naked in your personality, you wouldn’t find that color which suits you the most. You need the color to choose you, not the other way around. Open your mind and look at them. You will make the right choice.

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