How to Consume Caffeine with Strategy to Improve Your Productivity

All of us have one solution when it seems impossible to go on and get things done- caffeine. We resort to drinking gallons of coffee just to make ourselves get through an entire work day when we are not really feeling up for it. The trouble with this, however, is that we do not really understand the effect it has on our body later on.

When we get the immediate energy after drinking the coffee, we do not think too much but once this rush subsides, we feel more tired than we did in the beginning because our body digests it completely and then we are left at an absolute breaking point.

The solution to this is finding a strategy to make sure that we make the most of the high as we possibly can.

The way to go about this is to make sure that you make the best before the extreme exhaustion hits you. Let me tell you how it works. The chemical that tells the brain if and when you are tired is known as adenosine, which is basically a signal for the brain to start slowing down. Here comes the fun part, what does coffee do?

Coffee or any form of caffeine stands as a shield between your brain and this chemical making sure you do not feel tired but this obviously cannot go on forever so after a point when there is an abundance of this chemical and the high has lasted a while, the caffeine breaks down and you are suddenly hit by a ton of adenosine, which brings the breaking point, when you cannot do anything.

So what does this tell you? Adopt a better strategy to make sure your caffeine high is used to the best of your ability.

Before we get into the strategizing, there are some don’ts. Do not, by any chance, indulge in anything alcoholic or anything too rich in sugar because that will bring a break down that is worse and might even stay for a longer period of time.

The ideal time to consume caffeine would be some time around 9-11 am because that is the time when one might feel like they are losing energy, so the high helps a lot. One must also keep in mind and consuming some protein in a balanced way throughout the day will also help. Do keep in mind that taking caffeine too early to when you fall asleep or plan to sleep will mess with your sleep patterns so be careful. A six to seven hour gap would do perfectly. Remember to steer clear of coffee before doing something that needs you to use your creativity because coffee is terrible for your creative juices.

One also has to consider what kind of people they are to find their saviour in coffee. Introverts do not do that well with coffee in their systems because it tends to make them lose control on themselves, extroverts and ambiverts on the other hand are well suited to caffeine.

To conclude, strategy making may take some time but is very useful in the long run.

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