New Study Reveals 7 Things That Happen When You Share Your Bed With Your Dog

People who don’t have a dog might think it’s insane to sleep in your clean bed with your pet and most dog owners have really different views. It’s lovely scene seeing a dog curl up all cozy with their owner as they sleep soundly together, but you may change your mind considering dog hairs, muddy paws, ticks, and fleas.

It’s a fact that having your dog next to you at night might make some people feel more safe and secure but not all dog owners like to share their bed with their pampered pooch and that’s understandable too.

These days new research has come out showing the benefits of sharing your bed with your dog. A study of 150 dog owners that was made in Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona found interesting results for all animal lovers. 56 percent of those who took part in the study said they sleep with a dog or cat. And in this group, 41 percent said the animals helped them to sleep tighter. Animals make their owners feel more safe and secure with their pets by their side.

This is animal’s duty. If you are not convinced yet, you need to read these seven reasons why sleeping with your pet is good for you.

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

Dogs reduce stress and it has evidence about it. For example, people use therapy dogs worldwide to reduce anxiety and stress. It’s enough to be near your dog to make you feel relaxed.

2. Feeling secure

When people know that their pet is by their side makes most animal lovers feel safe. Also, don’t forget the fact that many dogs can physically protect their owners.

3. Keeping you warm

It’s incredible comfort that most dogs love to lie down with you. In fact, your pet keeps you warm during the cold winter.


4. It’s good for your dog

The dog really appreciates being by your side at night, it’s not just you who feels better to have your dog in your bed. Remember there is no one else in the world that your dog loves as much as you. So, improve the dog’s life by allowing to sleep in your bed.

5. Helps you fall asleep

New studies reveal that the feeling of security you get from your dog will help you to sleep tight.

6. Reduces the risk of depression

Dogs give unconditional love. When people suffering from depression, close proximity to a dog can make them feel better.

7. Offers comfort

You will have better mood before falling asleep and a more restful 40winks when you will get a hug from your four-legged friend.

After reading this, will you let your four-legged friend sleep with you?

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