Science Says That You Should Wake Up Early In The Morning To Have A Healthy Day

After the introduction of the cell phones and the blue light that the screen radiates, sleeping at night has become a problem. Either we check our Facebook, or we end up trying to do something during the free night time, and in the end, we sleep late. In the present generation, many of us have become night owls. But research suggests that it is better to sleep early and wake up in the morning, rather than sleep late. This happens because sleeping late can mess up our internal sleep clock. Also, we need to have 7 hours of sleep to be our best selves.

More positive outlook

One of the common misconceptions is that when someone wakes up early, they are grumpy and need the right stimulant, as the morning coffee, to get them going. But research shows that the elderly people who are more accustomed to rising early actually have a more positive outlook on life, as per the Emotion journal. This is because they get more rest during these sleeping periods and this helps their brain to recuperate better and get ready for the next day. Hence, their stress goes down and they can tackle the day better.

Mental Health is much better

A study shows that when a person is a night owl, then they have poor emotional adjustment and this is present across the demographics. It means that when a person gets less sleep than necessary for the body to function well, then, you will be more susceptible to emotional stability issues and there will be an increase in your depressive tendencies. Plus, people who wake up early and get enough sleep have the tendency to be able to keep negativity away – something that benefits their mental health immensely.

Healthy Habits

As per a study publish in Psychiatry Research in relation to adolescents who preferred to stay up late at night, such habits may lead them to take riskier behaviors like cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol. When you wake up late, you will not feel healthy and so you will resort to having such stimulants or drugs to keep your life together. But an early riser is generally quite happy, and hence, they do not feel the need to go for a smoke or for a bottle of alcohol and hence, they develop healthier habits to deal with life.

You have quality sleep

If you are an early sleeper and an early riser, then you will be consistent with your internal sleep clock. This is beneficial as proven by a study in journal Nature and Science of Sleep. It was found out that when students self-awaken after going to sleep early, then, they have a better Morning-Evening score, and have a better energy level. The scores deteriorated with students who do not self-awaken. On the other hand, night owls do not have a definite sleep timing and as a result, they have a poor quality of sleep inconsistent with their internal sleep clock.

Sleep is necessary for our body and we must try to make it consistent with our biological clock. Sleeping early and waking early makes us full of energy and more capable to handle our daily activities without getting tired easily.


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