The Toxic People You Need to Cut Off in 2019, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Toxic people bring nothing good in a person’s life. They are there to destroy you and your life and put you back several leagues from your destination. No one wants to ruin their lives. Toxic people don’t care about you though they may seem to do so. They should be gotten rid of as soon as possible. These kinds of toxic people are holding back the following zodiac signs:


You are a strong force – an earth sign. You are disciplined and work towards your goal. Make sure you aredashing towards it, and drop any person who blames you for your mistakes.


Your ruling planet is Uranus – the rebel. It will spark the inner rebel in you and make you capable of taking more risks. Go for it – don’t allow people to say NO to whatever you do. They are just insecure about your freedom – you don’t need their Nos to control your life.


You are sensitive and your empathy is your biggest boon. Don’t sell it low. Narcissists and manipulators want to get you – don’t allow them. Be with people who know your worth.


Energetic and fiery, you are ruled by Mars and fall under the Fire sign. Burn and blaze – don’t let anyone demean you and try to let your intense fire go dim. Cut them off.


In 2019, this Earth sign will come back home. You will be close to your family and it will make you proud. It’s something to be proud of, and no wonder, you will be getting taking time off to have a wonderful family time. Don’t let anyone get you back on any strict schedule.


In May 2019, Mercury, the chatty planet,enters Gemini. It will help you to communicate what you want or not from your partner. You’ll be a great listener and also, a great conversationalist bringing out your needs on the table. If someone doesn’t listen to you deliberately, time to think more about the relationship.


The moon rules you. The good news is that January brings in the total lunar eclipse and the blood moon, two important times for your relationship. Surround yourself with the people who you know would appreciate you for who you are. Cut off people who don’t value what you contribute.


Your strong-will may seem negative to some but that’s what makes you persistent. You are stubborn about your views and that’s fine. But there will always be people who would not want to pay any attention to what you say. Any amount of justification from you would not interest them or even make them take you seriously. Time to change your friends then.


August 2019 brings Mercury to you. You have always looked at things in detail. This time it will work out. Your work ethics will be appreciated. However, if you find any lazy person trying to convince you that glossing over details would not matter so much – get them out of your life, or project.


Harmony is your element and you strive for it. You do not like it when this harmony gets broken or disrupted. People who look only after themselves are the ones who can disturb this harmony. Don’t stay too close to them for your mental peace.


You are a magnet. Your attractive personality makes people comfortable around you. You have the ability to understand group dynamics easily. It makes you a natural leader. Your extrovert nature and leadership quality can make people jealous of you. If someone is not changing when you tell them to, time to reconsider the relationship.


You are adventurous and optimistic – two great qualities. You can see the fun in life and even laugh off missteps and accidents. But this humor is contagious and not really positive for toxic people. They would try to judge you and make you feel bad about yourself. Get rid of them when the time is right.

The new year brings a new beginning – you can no longer let anyone hold you back. Take a step back, examine the people around you and choose carefully. Do the needful – cut off people if they are just bringing more negativity in your life.

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