Women Mostly Think About These 6 Things In a Relationship

Women are natural healers and nurturers in life. Be it a woman like Mother Teresa or Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana or Annie Besant, they’ve all extended boundless love to the people around them. And this emotion is not just limited to these few females but to every other woman who cares for her loved ones. They’re emotional and sensitive to the needs of others.

When you draw a comparison amongst different kinds of women, you’ll get to know that these are the common thoughts about care and affection that they all have in them.

6 Thoughts women commonly shared by women:

1. Is this dress okay?

Women are very careful about the way they want to look. They believe that there’s a specific look that goes with a specific occasion and so they’re extremely picky when it comes to choosing clothes for each day’s work. Other’s opinions of them matters a lot to women and so dress up in a manner that everyone approves of their style.

2. Are the kids fine?

Children’s happiness and well being is a major priority in every woman’s life. She plans her day in a manner that her babies get the required time and attention from her. If you ever come across a woman who’s looks preoccupied, chances are that she’s thinking about her kids at home.

3. Is the house in good shape?

Even though everyone in the family shares the same abode, it becomes a woman’s responsibility to make sure everything’s well organized and properly placed. They’re very particular about cleanliness, well-decorated rooms, and above all, making the house a warm, lovely and happy place to reside in.

4. Do I look good?

Call it whatever, social pressure, body shaming, or social media pressure, women are mostly worried about the way they look. It may seem superficial but for them it’s about looking good on the outside to feel good on the inside. Also, they can’t take anything casually, so it’s imperative for them to look a certain way that pleases those around them and of course, themselves.

5. Is my partner happy?

It’s really important for women that their partner is happy in the relationship. It’s a natural emotion since they have a caring attitude towards everyone, and especially towards their family. They usually step away from their comfort zone to provide comfort to their spouses; it’s an extension of their normal behavior.

6. My happiness lies in yours

Women are so concerned about others’ feelings and emotions that they keep their own aside. They always think about personally making life better for others.

The care and nurture that women think they need to share with everyone in this world is intense. They make small gestures like doing voluntary work at an old age home, keeping chocolates on a colleague’s table at work, etc. They see this world as a large family and they wish to make it a beautiful one to live in.


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