What Your Love Life Will Be in 2019 According to Your Zodiac Sign

2019 is almost here and you’re probably wondering what romantic prospects are coming towards you. Well, it’s actually a great year for most of the zodiac signs. Some will be having the courage to move on, and others might be willing to open up and explore new areas. Many of you are probably looking for commitment too. 2019 brings good news for all of you!



You have had a good amount of experience in love life in the past, and most of them may have been bad ones. Well, there’s good news for you this year. There can be a dramatic change coming your way, especially in your love life this 2019, but don’t get tensed – you have enough experience and you can deal with whatever comes your way.


2019 will make your sex life much better. This year is suited for sexual adventure and a pretty good sex life with your partner. If you are a woman, it is a good time to get pregnant. Also, in 2019, you’ll start looking for dedication and stability. You’d probably be looking for a good, committed relationship in the long run.


The perfectionist that you are – you’ve already some standards set for your love in 2019. You won’t go for anything else. You’d wait till the end of the year to see if anyone ticks out all the boxes in your list. Maybe you have to step out of your comfort zone a bit. Start searching deeper than you do if you wish to find the perfect love.


Health is coming in your direction. It’s a year where you’ll be at your physical best this year. This will make you more confident and you can easily flirt around with the people you find attractive. Your newfound confidence will also make you attractive for others. But then, you will be looking for stability and commitment. Wasting time flirting which doesn’t turn out to be fruitful is not your way. Casual dating is not for you at this moment.


Like the lion spirit inside, you are going to be bold in 2019. Often, you’ll get out of your comfort zone to reach out for new adventures. Rejections don’t scare you. In 2019, you’ll be more open to interacting with new people in a romantic manner. Being extra bold can make you reckless though. You might want to prepare for future regrets due to your impulsiveness. This 2019, you will also become more focused on pursuing your own ambitions.


Opening up is hard, but for Virgos, 2019 is the time when you pull down your walls and open up to people. Curiosity will be tingling your insides and now you’re willing to be open to a new world. Even though you’re going to be a bit vulnerable, you are okay with putting yourself at risk for love.


For you, 2019 will be the year of moving on. You’ve held on to the past, to your ex-flame far too long. It’s time to let go. Your past love will always be in your heart, but now, moving ahead is best and there’s no need to worry about what’s gone. You may be hesitating at first, but you will get the courage to move on and accept the new things coming to your life.


The field is all for you this year. It really doesn’t matter if you are going to get the success you want or not. Keep up the confidence within you and enjoy playing in the field. Your story of true romance is written somewhere out there – maybe you can reach it.


You might be trying to get back with an old lover, but that would just make your year a lot more painful. Don’t fall for it. It’s not going to be any bit fruitful. It’s time for you to move on and accept the coming future.


It’s not love that’s going to motivate you. Your life and career plans will be driving you while love takes a back seat. That’s all right, but don’t forget the other aspects of your life. Try to welcome love in your life, if it comes knocking at your front door.


Generally, you’re a relaxed person, but in 2019, a passion will be driving you to take some major risks. You’ll be opening up more to new things and this may hurt you in the end, but that doesn’t matter. You’re up for the challenge.


2019 will be an emotional year for you. You’ll come across a lot of romantic affairs or flings and those will go great. But they won’t last long. They’re not real. Step on the accelerator and drive on. Better things remain in the future.

Get your love feels on and start preparing to get into an emotional rollercoaster. Have a happy 2019!

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